Grandstaff Music Studio

We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute private piano lessons per week for children and adults of all ages; with a separate CD lab for everyone. The CDs can be listened to before or after the keyboard lesson.

          Once per month each student attends a group lesson at which Piano Explorer Magazine is reviewed and discussed, operas and ballets are studied; guest speakers come to give special programs on subjects of interest such as composers, techniques, opera, etc.

          Motivation, enthusiasm, and education are stressed. Students are given the opportunity for performance and may participate in solos, duets, quartets, and ensembles.

          Many of our instruction rooms have two pianos or more for duets, quartets, etc.

          We have a system of "extras" for good work and consistent practice where students earn points and spend them in our "store" which contain pencils, folders, small toys, and candy.

Private Lessons