Grandstaff Music Studio


KinderKeys is a program of pre-piano for 3 to 5 year-olds where children become familiar with the piano keyboard. At KinderKeys, each student learns:

          Tempo markings, dynamics, time signatures, note values, and many orchestra instruments.

          Each student receives an individual lesson at the

    piano and violin.


          Each student learns rhythm with the metronome, Omnichord, and harp.


          Every student participates in music activities on the new "Big-Foot Keyboard". This large floor keyboard makes animal sounds, plays songs, plays notes, and "speaks".


          Students have an action packed, fun-filled hour 

once a week. There is a 12-week semester in

the Fall and Spring each year.

          Early registration is strongly recommended since our enrollment is limited. Please call or e-mail Judy for more information.

Call us 215-536-5147 or 215-983-8104