February 2022

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 11:41 AM

GrandStaff Piano Studio

FEBRUARY 2022 Piano News



 Presidents Day Yes, we will have lessons on Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 21st.

We will be open!


WELCOME A warm musical welcome to the new students who have joined our musical family recently!

 Snow Day Policy Reminder: We are plowed and open most snow days! Pleasecheck our answering machine for updates or changes (Also our website) You may also receive a text from your teacher with an update. Thanks!

Music brings enjoyment and comfort. Be sure your family is taking advantage of all the excitement and many music opportunities available even in these challenging times.

Performances! We are planning our Spring Performance Events in late April or early May.

Stay tuned and keep practicing your performance piece.

Be sure your young person is involved and working hard. Remember the work that is done to prepare for Performance events result in great strides forward in our skills.

“When words fail, music speaks!” (Hans Christian Anderson)

We love being a part of the music education of your family. Thank you for your support and involvement.

Happy Valentine’s Month!

The GrandStaff