January 2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 10:36 AM

GrandStaff Piano Studio


January 2019 Piano News  


Happy Healthy Musical New Year 2019!  We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and wonder if perhaps your young person had an opportunity to play the piano at some gatherings or celebrations. 

All of us at Grand Staff Studio want to thank you for all the gifts and cards and well wishes that you so sweetly and generously bestowed upon us!

MLK Day  YES-we are open and lessons will be held  Monday Jan. 21st  

Piano Lab and Studio Party   On Thursday evening, Dec. 27th, the Adult Labs and other GSPS students celebrated a year of successful study with ensemble pieces and several solos.  It was very well attended and provided a sense of accomplishment. We had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for your support!  All of you brought such delicious refreshments.  If you would like to be a part of the fun, ask Judy about joining the Lab. 

100 Day Challenge ends Thursday Jan 17th!  The Pizza Party for those that successfully completed the challenge is Saturday Feb. 9th at 1 PM.  Remember there were 5 “built-in” days for illness or vacations.  Let Mrs. Clark or your teacher know if you will be attending.  There will be pizza, games, and prizes!

KinderKeys  Our Spring Semester of KinderKeys begins Thursday February 7th. If you are thinking of enrolling, ask for our information packet.  KinderKeys is pre-piano for 3 to 5-year olds and meets Thursdays at 1 PM.

Keyboard Adventures- our interactive group program for 5-6-7 year olds begins Thursday

Feb 7th at 5 PM.  Space is limited so contact Judy ASAP!

Snow Alert!  Our policy for bad weather is simply this:  We are always here and usually open.  If you can get here safely, we will teach-but please use your   good judgment about safety and road conditions.  Our tuition system is set up so that you can miss four lessons per year and still have not lost any time that you’ve paid for.  We want your child here safely!

Practice-practice:  Now that your student is back in school, please establish a specific time in the day for piano practice.  Let’s continue the Challenge. Can we get to 100 days? (For some it will be 500 days!!!)  Anything that is done “hit or miss” usually ends up being a failure.    Your child’s success at piano depends on help from you with practice scheduling.  As we’ve said before, after supper is a good time.  Give them your attention as a listener or helper if they will allow.  This kind of time spent with your child really pays off.

Let’s press forward with our goal of being ready for Spring Competitions with some well-prepared, beautiful music.              


Important!  Be sure your young person is listening and doing the workbooks in the Music Wonderful Music series every week, either before or after their weekly lesson.

A famous quote about practice:  “What we Hope to do with Ease, we must first Learn to do with Diligence”.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of your child.  We appreciate your help and support.

“We are the music makers.  We are the dreamers of dreams!”

Happy and Healthy New Year 2019!  Make daily Piano practice a resolution!

                                        We love teaching your children!

                                            Judy and The Grand Staff

GrandStaff Piano Studio

FALL 2018  KinderKeys News


We’re so glad you have chosen KinderKeys for the first step in your child’s music education. 

We’ve had a great time with our very enthusiastic little students who love music and learning.

Kinderkeys provides a firm basis for all music experiences.  Beginning piano and violin are introduced as well as many music symbols, dynamic markings, metronome use, orchestra seating and conducting, a little opera, and the study of ballet at Christmas with “The Nutcracker”.

This month we are focusing on learning piano key names and the musical alphabet in our workbooks and at the piano keyboard. We also learned about the seating of the orchestra and the families of instruments

We are learning to recognize many composers by using our Composer Flash cards.  Our hula hoops helped us to learn the “High and Low” sounds.

We are also ear-training with our MerryMaker Music Harp and learning rhythm with the Omnichord and Rhythm Band.

Piano Purchase:  Many of you have asked us about buying a piano.  Please be careful about buying pianos from the classifieds. We will always refer you to a good reputable dealer and encourage the purchase of a good instrument.  If you need a piano, we can help.   Wow-what a great Christmas present for the family!

Reminder: Our Thursday Classes will end Thurs. Nov 15th.  Our class will have then completed our 10-week semester.  We hope you will consider re-enrolling your young person for the Spring Semester which starts the second Thursday in February.

We use a different set of books each semester.  We rotate 5 curriculums so that a 2½ yr. old student can attend for 5 semesters if desired.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday-it’s such a blessing having your young person in our class!

We love teaching your children!

Judith Kay Clark, Director,  MTNA, PMTA



FALL 2018 Keyboard Adventures NEWS



Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  We are very thankful for so many little students who are so eager to learn.  Reminder: Our Thursday class will conclude on Nov. 15th.  Our class will have completed our 10-week semester. 

Please see Judy to sign your young person up for one-on-one piano lessons.  Openings are limited.

Please consult with Judy if you feel your young person would benefit from another semester of KBA

This month we are learning rhythm and notation-as well as many music symbols, time signatures, note values and lines and spaces.

We are progressing very well in our Lesson and Recital books

Piano Purchase:  Many of you have asked us about buying a piano.  Please be careful about buying pianos from the classifieds. We will always refer you to a good reputable dealer (such as Jacobs Music) and encourage the purchase of a good instrument.   Wow-what a great Christmas present for the family!

We look forward to our last weeks of fun and excitement as we learn to read music and play the piano!

Happy Fall!  Enjoy the cool weather!


Judith Kay Clark, Director,   MTNA, PMTA